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We keep the game alive forever

Computarized is a Mexican digital distribution platform that puts gamers first and respects the need to own games. We pride ourselves on offering the best selection and most competitive prices of any online video game retailer.

Here you'll find not only the latest and greatest video games for sale, but we also carry exclusive games, limited edition prints, and new product lines that are hard to find because of demand.

Our long involvement in the video game industry has allowed us to build great relationships with all the top manufacturers and publishers. This allows rare and hard-to-find games to be re-released at regular, realistic prices.

Computarized has been continuously improved since we started adding new games to our multiple game selections.

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A teenager is sitting on the cofa and playing a video game.

Handpicked the best in games

An amazing selection of DRM-free games you shouldn't miss, from the latest hits to the classics of all time. From extraordinary AAA, and unique indie to the best classic games. All the games are here because we chose them for you.

Feed your inner collector

 It's Computarized’s way to give the game as many goodies as possible, even if it means exploring long-forgotten basements and attics.

Respecting game developers

When you're with us, you can be confident that all our games are legal, and that your purchase supports their rightful owners and developers.

Upgrade your current classics

Even if the game is older than you, we've tested it thoroughly, fixed all bugs, and patched it to work perfectly on your next-gen PC and the latest operating systems.

Every game deserves to shine

We put as much care into picking great games as we do to make them stand out on Computarized. We treat each release as a celebration.

Customer-centric approach

Computarized offers user-friendly support enhanced with additional customer benefits. It reassures you that we will always be there if you need help. Our customer support team works in-house 24/7 and does more than just fix technical issues.

Rest easy when shopping at Computarized - get your money back if the game doesn't work out and cancel your pre-order at any time - no strings attached.

No Risk, Full Refund

Please enjoy your shopping with peace of mind. If the game doesn't work as expected, refund your money with our full refund policy within 30 days of purchase - no conditions.

Have a question, need help, or just want to talk about a great PC game? Send us an email at help@computarized.com or contact us.