Gamer Reviews


Hogwarts Legacy

10 February 2023

A sophisticated and fun open world that you don't need to have seen HP's books or movies to enjoy. The environment is nice, and you can tell the developers really took care of it. I recommend this game to anyone looking for a break from live service!


Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition

22 February 2023

I bought this game in preparation for Resident Evil 4 Remake. Although different from the original, it offers new experiences and stories based on the original game. It's a great Resident Evil game in its own right, but like the RE3 remake, the remake of the original game is pretty bad. If you go in terms of this being a reinterpretation of the original, that's perfectly fine.

  • Replayable with bonus content (NG+)
  • The RE engine sounds great.
  • Tons of side objectives to complete.
  • They removed some content from the original game

Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition

8 February 2023

Great game, great fun with friends, and a great starting point for new fans of the series. Amazing innovations, smooth controls, new combat interactions and AMAZING graphics make for a fun experience from top to bottom. Good music and environment. Separate online and offline levels, so don't worry about overtaking your friends when playing alone. It includes beautiful creature designs, adorable characters, and companions and paramutes to help you solo.

Many elites are upset that the game is more accessible to casual fans and cry that it's not good. There are a lot of online whiners from people with no friends complaining about online content alone. Many bad reviews from people angry that the game is good but not what they wanted.



8 February 2023

I've been playing Minecraft since July 2010, so I've seen most of the game's major updates. The Game Offers "Endless Wonders And Endless Possibilities" Minecraft isn't really infinite or endless, but with so many things you can do in the game, it could easily be.


Elden Ring

5 February 2023

Great game if you're not afraid to keep dying to level up. The game may look tough, but most bosses are optional, and in the open world you can find better weapons and skills to level up and come back to take revenge.

  • open world
  • huge map
  • bad co-op mode

Days Gone

5 February 2023

Days Gone is a hidden gem flying under the radar. A zombie survival game with great story and gameplay.

Are you into motorcycles and nitro? There is more than that.

do you like pew pew freaks? They have guns. lots of guns.

Do you like it up close and personal? I have a melee weapon. many of them.

Want to play Metal Gear Solid? Sneak-like dodging (!)

Do you like building things and blowing them up? Become Bob the Builder of Bombs, Molotovs,

Good 100%


Animal Crossing

4 February 2023

I love this DLC. Decorating a new villa on the island. The more houses you design, the more options you have to decorate them. The best thing is that you can use all the new options you learn on your own island. Make more!


Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Deluxe Edition

4 February 2023

Best game I've ever played. From plot to everything.

A lot of people say Creed Three was the best, but I personally disagree.


Planet Zoo Aquatic Park

4 February 2023

No problem with the purchase. Just activate the key in Steam. This is one of the best Planet Zoo DLCs and adds a whole new level of creativity to your water animals. It adds more variety and tools to your zoo.


Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack

3 February 2023

Best buy ever!!! Really loved this EP❤️❤️ OMG Everything is perfect, the plot, the gameplay and the new venue are absolutely beautiful. I love building and playing with my teenage Sims. 100% recommend!!!