Reseller Policy

Last update: February 20st, 2022.


By purchasing COMPUTARIZED’s products for resale, you agree to adhere to this Reseller Policy

To ensure COMPUTARIZED authorized resellers (“Resellers”) can sustain healthy margins and ensure that COMPUTARIZED’s end-users are being provided a quality sales experience and customer support, COMPUTARIZED has announced this Reseller Policy (the “Reseller Policy”). COMPUTARIZED believes that its end-user customers are best served by having resellers who market COMPUTARIZED’ Products as premium brand products and who provide an outstanding level of product and support to their end-user customers.

COMPUTARIZED hereby adopts this Resale & Quality Policy (this “Policy”) and requires that each person, firm, or entity (as applicable, a “Reseller”) that purchases its products (the “Products”) for resale or other distribution agree to comply with this Policy. Accordingly, the terms of this Policy are incorporated into and are in addition to any contract entered into between COMPUTARIZED and Reseller concerning Reseller’s purchase or sale of the Products.


  1. Sales to End Users Only.

Unless otherwise agreed with COMPUTARIZED in writing, Reseller may only purchase Products for resale to consumers and end-user customers and Reseller may not resell Products to providers or for further distribution in any manner.


  1. Internet Sales Prohibited.

 Reseller shall be prohibited from selling COMPUTARIZED Products on the Internet unless it applies, is approved by COMPUTARIZED, and executes an Authorized Internet Reseller Agreement or other similar agreement regulating how it sells online.


  1. Sales Restricted to Territory.

If Reseller purchases Products under a contract that obligates Reseller to resell the Products in a geographic territory, Reseller must comply with that obligation.


  1. Intellectual Property.

The unauthorized use of the intellectual property of our Products is prohibited. Resellers that comply with this Policy have a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, revocable license to use COMPUTARIZED’s trademarks and copyrights in connection with the sale of the Products. Reseller shall not alter, modify, or change any trademark or copyright, nor shall Reseller use any trademark or copyright other than for the promotion and sale of the Products, nor shall Reseller use any trademark or copyright in any manner that negatively impacts such trademark or copyright. Failure to comply with the Policy will result in the automatic revocation of the license granted herein and total forfeiture of the rights granted herein. COMPUTARIZED reserves the right to revoke this license at any time for any or no reason;


  1. Product Inspection.

 COMPUTARIZED will promptly inspect all Products upon completion and promptly return by the terms of sale any Products that appear incomplete or unsatisfactory upon inspection.


  1. Sales Practices.

 Reseller shall conduct its business reasonably and ethically at all times and shall neither engage in any deceptive, misleading, or unethical practices or advertising at any time nor make any warranties or representations concerning the Products except as expressly authorized by COMPUTARIZED. Reseller shall comply with any applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies related to the advertising, sale, and marketing of the products.


  1. Customer Service Level.

 Resellers shall provide the highest levels of customer service. Reseller and Reseller’s sales personnel shall be familiar with the specific features of all COMPUTARIZED’ Products marketed for sale and must obtain sufficient product knowledge to advise customers on the selection and safe use of the products, as well as any applicable warranty, guarantee, or return policy.


  1. Customer Service channels.

 The reseller will maintain customer product phone and email response functions as required by the Original Agreement to handle customer complaints, returns, and other customer service functions. At COMPUTARIZED’s request, Reseller will provide any reports or other information requested by COMPUTARIZED, concerning a particular Product to determine the date or Reseller’s purchase of the Product, the location where the Product was acquired, and the dates on which the Product was sold or performed by Reseller to a purchaser.


  1. Consumer Safety and Product cancellation.

 The reseller will cooperate with COMPUTARIZED in connection with any investigation of consumer safety claims or any evaluation of product cancellation. To ensure the safety and well-being of the end-users of the Products, Reseller agrees to cooperate with COMPUTARIZED concerning any Product cancellation or other consumer safety information dissemination efforts.


  1. Product failure.

 If any significant quantity of Products purchased by Reseller fails, Reseller will promptly report such event to COMPUTARIZED.


  1. Report Unauthorized Resellers.

 If Reseller has information, or reasonably suspects, that any person is purchasing and reselling or distributing Products in a manner not authorized by COMPUTARIZED, Reseller must promptly notify COMPUTARIZED.


  1. Other Information, Documents, and Reports.

 Reseller must provide COMPUTARIZED with any supplemental information, documents, and reports that COMPUTARIZED may request to validate Reseller’s compliance with this Policy and to support COMPUTARIZED’s warranty support and customer support obligations and initiatives.


  1. Unilateral policy changes.

 COMPUTARIZED’ sales personnel have no authority to modify or grant exceptions to this Unilateral Policy. All questions regarding the interpretation of this Policy should be directed to the Reseller Policy Committee at  


  1. Termination and liability due to policy violation.

 If COMPUTARIZED determines that Reseller violates this Reseller Policy, it may take any appropriate legal actions, including, but not limited to refusing to, accept orders from Reseller or instructing its distributors to refuse to accept orders from Reseller.


  1. Policy modification and changes.

 COMPUTARIZED reserves the right to update, amend, or modify this Reseller Policy at any time. Unless otherwise provided, such amendments will take effect immediately and Reseller’s continued use, advertising, offering for sale, or sale of the Products will be deemed Reseller’s acceptance of the amendments.


  1. Questions and concerns

If you have any questions regarding this document, please direct them to any of the following means:



Telephone: +52 1 55 1741-8008

Mailing address: Av. Newton # 186, Int. 206, Office 206-A, Col. Polanco, C.P. 11560, Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, Mexico.