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Earn exciting commissions to promote elite gaming gear.

Computarized is more than just a leading gaming brand. We inspire gamers everywhere with a super sharp focus on being the best in gaming and the real world. Anyone equipped with our state-of-the-art peripherals is gaining an unfair advantage. We strive to collaborate with the best partners.


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The Computarized Affiliate Program is a wonderful way to earn commissions by referring visitors to Computarized through banners and links on your website. Earn up to 10% commission on Computarized product sales when visitors purchase your banner or link.

Affiliate partners can earn up to 3% on each sale generated. Prices may vary depending on the advertising method.

3% for peripherals

$5/unit for the system

Joining the Computarized Affiliate Program is free, and you can opt-out at any time.

Commissions are paid on monthly net sales and exclude returns, sales tax, shipping, and handling. Tracked sales are blocked 1 month and 15 days after the month in which they were generated and paid out 23 days after the end of the blocked month. For example, if a sale occurs in January, the promotion will be locked until March 15  and payment will be made on April 23. A “locked-in” sale is a transaction that cannot be reversed or edited. This practice is necessary to prevent fraud and other unauthorized manipulation.

Simply contact us.

If a customer returns an item, requests a refund, cancels an order, or reverses a credit card charge due to a dispute or credit card fraud, the transaction will not be eligible for commission payment.

Our affiliate network interface gives you access to daily reports with information on impressions, click-throughs, orders, sales, and commissions earned. To ensure all transactions are properly tracked and credited, please only use Computarized links found on the network.

We offer product data feeds along with a wide variety of text links and multiple sizes of banners that feature new product releases, bestselling products, current promotions, and exclusive offers.