88 Heroes – 98 Heroes Edition Switch

Developer: Bitmap Bureau

Publisher: Rising Star Games

Release date:  23 March 2017

Genre: Action, Indies, Platformer

USD $3.50


At 8:08 am on August 8, 1988, the evil Dr. H8 brought the world to the brink of annihilation! His demands are simple: in 88 minutes he will get paid $88 trillion or Dr. H8 and his 88 thermonuclear warheads will wipe out the earth! But who am I when we are in trouble? Will you save us, the bravest? Most daring? No… 88 heroes!


Get ready for Ph.D. Infiltrate H8’s lair with the help of the weirdest, dumbest, most clueless superhero ever! There are 88 levels between you and Dr. H8, only 88 seconds to complete each level, and the 88-minute doomsday clock is already ticking. Guide 88 unique characters, each with their own special abilities, to save the planet on platform-hopping, enemy-shattering, hazard-avoiding missions.


Can 88 heroes be saved!? Let’s hope so! They called Best but Best was busy…


88 Heroes! Discover their unique powers and use them to conquer each stage.

88 diverse levels! Explore Dr. H8’s Lair in four worlds while avoiding all sorts of deadly obstacles and evil, hero-destroying enemies. 88 seconds per level! The clock is already ticking. Can you make it to Dr. Orbiting space station H8 penthouse before the 88-minute doomsday timer runs out?!