Two Point Hospital PS4

Developer: Two Point Studios

Publisher: SEGA

Release date:  29 August 2018

Genre: Single-player, Indies, Simulation

USD $41.55


Design and build your own hospital!

Build your hospital from scratch into a masterpiece by designing Two Point County’s most beautiful (or most functional) medical facility.

Increase patient (and cash) flow by optimizing your hospital design and customizing hallways, rooms, and waiting areas to your exact specifications. Expand your hospital into multiple buildings and try to get as many patients through your door as possible.

Place decorative and functional items around your hospital to improve your hospital’s reputation, reduce patient boredom, increase happiness, and continue year-end awards.

Cure Rare Diseases

Don’t expect Two Point County to be populated with your usual type of patients. In this world, we experience all sorts of unusual illnesses. From recklessness to cubism, each requires its own special therapeutic device.

Diagnose the disease, build the right treatment room, hire the right staff, and get ready. Because treating any of these ailments is just the beginning. You can oversee one patient, but can you handle a pandemic?

Once you’ve beaten the disease, research improved cures and gadgets to turn your hospital into an unstoppable health juggernaut.

Improve and expand your hospital’s horizons!

It all starts with the first hospital, but what next? Once you’ve cured the inhabitants of a small port town, can you take on bigger challenges in a busier hospital?

Improve your facilities, and upgrade your machines, staff, and layouts to earn more money faster.

Train and upgrade your staff to equip them with new skills and abilities to make your hospital even more efficient.

Analyze strengths and weaknesses and make changes quickly using the extensive stats and information screens. Adjust prices for treatments, track sales, and take out loans to optimize your bottom line. You’ll be managing employees with their own personality types and traits, so you’ll need to monitor who’s efficient and who’s annoying. Align your workforce with your ambitions while trying to be profitable (and hopefully save a few people in the process).