WRC Generations Fully Loaded Edition

Release date:  3 November 2022

Genre: Racing, Simulation, Single-player

USD $20.75


In 2022, the WRC will enter the hybrid era. It’s a revolution in rallying, having a huge impact on performance, changing strategies, and forcing drivers and teams to adapt.

In terms of gameplay, new mechanics have been incorporated to reflect the demands of the hybrid engine. To win, you’ll need to carefully manage your battery by adjusting your engine’s mapping on the special stages you participate in.

Community satisfaction is always our top priority, so custom paint jobs and decals can now be shared with other players. The best work is rewarded and highlighted.

For fans of competition, the new League Mode allows players to challenge opponents of a similar level online to finish ahead of their competitors and climb the Legend ladder in the category.

WRC Generations has packed more content into its rally games than ever before.

  • 750km of unique special stages in 22 countries
  • 49 teams from the 2022 season (Rally 1 / Rally 2 / Junior WRC)
  • 37 legendary cars and extra bonuses
  • 165 timed special stages


A completely redesigned Rally Sweden environment has been added for a more realistic representation of the championship, along with 6 new special stages in the Umea region.

New property:

  • New hybrid car
  • New, more realistic vehicle physics
  • LEAGUE mode to challenge other players
  • New Rally Sweden environment with 6 new special stages
  • Share your coloring and decals with the community

Create and manage in-game teams