Cities: Skylines – Financial Districts

Developer: Colossal Order Ltd.

Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Release date:  13 December 2022

Genre: Single-player, Simulation, Strategy

USD $7.50


Boost your city’s economy with the Financial District and invest your money in the best industries for your population.

Financial Districts is a mini-expansion for Colossal Order that adds new investment features and over 100 assets to the game.

Key features of the financial district include:


Invest your money wisely to improve the lives of your citizens. Many sectors await your support. Examples: Euthanasia, Healthcare, Petroleum, Ore, Agriculture, Generics, Logistics. Track your investments with the new stock trading tab.

Stock Exchange

Level up your mutual funds in the stock market. This new building also unlocks tax revenue bonuses for office zone buildings in that region.

Bank Building

Gold, Gold, Gold! Banks add new services to your city and improve security thanks to vans. The van collects cash from buildings in industrial areas while reducing the area’s crime rate.

Focus on the financial district

Reaching metropolitan milestones unlocks new office zone districts. Financial Districts have a new visual style and incur higher taxes than basic office zones, but lower happiness. Having a stock exchange nearby increases your tax revenue bonus.