Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Developer: TaleWorlds Entertainment

Publisher: TaleWorlds Entertainment

Release date:  25 October 2022

Genre: Single-player, Action, Indies, RPG, Simulation, Strategy

USD $27.34


The game is a fun and immersive amalgamation of sandbox action, role-playing, and strategy games that become an immersive and thrilling experience as you build a powerful dynasty from humble and dastardly beginnings. You can play the campaign mode as a single player or pit your armies against other online players online.

The dialogue engine has been dramatically improved, resulting in a more realistic and engaging dialogue between the player and his NPCs (non-playing characters). There is a progress bar that shows how well the offer is being received. If this bar isn’t filled with charms alone, you can switch to bartering and gain NPCs.

The strategic part of the game takes place early in the game, requiring the player to survey the terrain and look for weaknesses in enemy defenses. To speed up gameplay and energize the action, place your weapons carefully to avoid enemy parts, as only certain parts of the fortress (battlements, gatehouses, siege engines) are destructible. You must destroy and protect your siege engine to defeat the ongoing damage.



Weapon types and uses

In the game, a soldier is ranked by class and next he falls into one of three categories.

Infantry: Infantry, usually allied with peasants, are thought of as foot soldiers, moving at a walking pace most of the time and obediently doing what they are told. Infantry can create immovable barriers, prevent enemy forces from moving over land, and provide good protection for fortifications and valuable assets.

Ranged: The term “ranged weapon” refers to weapons that can be used in melee or non-melee combat. Today, machine gun nests are a perfect example of ranged weapons (weapons that work at long range), but in the era, in which the game was set in, ranged weapons were limited to shooters unleashing a flight of arrows. A skilled shooter could darken the sky while doing his job!

Cavalry: Cavalry were usually noble companions on horseback who encouraged poor soldiers to come forward and sacrifice themselves. Fight with renewed vigor to defeat the enemy.